The objectives of this Assn. shall be to collect and preserve the history of the stock dog to promote
      stock dogs through obtaining, maintaining and disseminating information pertaining to their
    breeding and training as working dogs; to promote dog trials, exhibitions, publicity for stock dogs,
                     and to work specifically for the improvement and preservation of working stock dogs.

Promotional Money Available through the
Wyoming Stock dog Association

A maximum of $600.00 per year of funds are available for distribution to our members for activities that promote the working stock dog.  These funds will be distributed in amounts of up to but not over $300.00 for activities January through June and up to but not over $300.00 for activities July through December. 

Promotional monies are available upon application from a current WSDA Member in good standing to promote the working stock dog.  Funding for these projects comes from fund raising activities that are being held each year.  If the fund raising projects do not raise enough money to supply the funds for the following year the promotional monies will not be offered for that year or offered at a lower rate as the funds allow.  If the funds designated for that year are not applied for or awarded they will be carried over to the following year at the discretion of the current board members.

In the first year of implementing this option, the organization will open up the application process for funds in the amount of up to but not over $600.00 for any activities held during the year of 2015.  A deadline date of May 1, 2015 is set for the first year application to be submitted. A written request detailing how it will promote the working stock dog, and the amount of money needed must be submitted to secretary at the address listed below prior to the deadlines of December 15, for activities held during  the following January through June, and May 1, for activities held during the following July through December for all subsequent years.

Disbursements will be made when a detailed report (including copies of all receipts) of the expenses are received by the WSDA no later than four weeks following the closing date of the activity.  The expenses will be presented to the board for review and disbursement. Failure to provide a suitable accounting and receipts may result in a revocation of the fund request.

The WSDA Board will notify the applicants of the Board’s decision within 45 days of the deadline dates.

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