The objectives of this Assn. shall be to collect and preserve the history of the stock dog to promote
      stock dogs through obtaining, maintaining and disseminating information pertaining to their
    breeding and training as working dogs; to promote dog trials, exhibitions, publicity for stock dogs,
                     and to work specifically for the improvement and preservation of working stock dogs.

Meeting Minutes

On December 12, 2015, 9:30 am, the annual WSDA meeting was called to order by President Jeannie Bulkley.  Approximately 25 WSD members were present.   An agenda was passed out to all in attendance.

Secretary’s Report was waived because it had been published on the WSDA website.

Rita Snodgrass provided a treasurer’s report.   A financial summary was provided on all 2015 WSDA sponsored trials.

Old Business:

Wyoming State Fair Trial / Douglas, WY:  Dana Ingalls made a motion to have an earlier start time so that people could get to other trials.  Wendy Auzqui seconded.  Motion passed.

Wyoming Fiber Trial / Laramie, WY:  During discussion, items like location, assistance with trial, and quality of sheep were concerns.  Cindy Soppe made a motion to table the Wyoming Fiber Trial.  Dorrance Eikamp seconded.  Motion passed.

GAC / Casper, WY:  Rita Snodgrass gave a summary of the 2015 trial.  Her points of concern were time constraint, cost of facility, and the inability to grow the trial.  Joni Tietjen said that if the membership wanted to move the trial, that the WSDA could use their indoor arena free of charge.  Tammy Merriman made a motion to keep the GAC title and move it to a different venue.  Joni Tietjen seconded.  Motion passed.

Rita Snodgrass agreed to put a link to Facebook on the WSDA website.

The 2015 Promotional Money was divided between Southern Big Horn Trial and the Northern Plains Stock Dog Trial.  Currently, Joni Tietjen is the only applicant for the 2016 January through June Promotional Money.  Deadline is December 16, 2015.

Dana Ingalls, Secretary, reminded members to keep their mailing and email addresses current.

David and Cindy Soppe’s practical work day was a huge success.  Membership would like to have more workdays in 2016.

There were 3 Silent Auction items for 2015.  The last silent auction item, a wool blanket, was donated by Cindy and David Soppe with Tammy Merriman being the last bidder at $375.00.


               Two new Fiber Festivals for 2016 were discussed.  The date for Fiber Festival in Thermopolis conflicts with the date of the Wyoming State Fair Trial and the Casper Fiber Festival in mid September.  September  is a very busy month of already scheduled trials.  Putting on a trial at either location is not a possibility.  If anyone wants to put on a demo during the Thermopolis Fiber Festival or the Casper Fiber Festival contact a WSDA board member. 

                Dana Ingalls made a motion to accept Barb Ross’s nomination, Pat Litton and (Posthumously Gene Litton) for Honorary Membership.  Donna Cole seconded.  Motion passed.

               Jeanne Bulkley, president, received a request for help at the USBCHA Finals in Carbondale, CO.    Terry Murray wants the members of WSDA to help with the “Ask a Handler” program.  Final decision will be made at the Gillette Trial, January 9, 2016.   

               Setting up a trial “slush” fund was discussed.  It would be used for unforeseen expenses that people who put on trials didn’t budget for.  Rene LaBree made a motion to add $2.00 to each entry to be deposited into such a fund.  Jan Stebbins seconded.  Motion passed.

               Final item of new business was the election of officers.  They are as follows:  Jeanne Bulkley (President),   Jan Stebbins (Vice President),   Dana Ingalls (Secretary),   and Rita Snodgrass (Treasurer).

With no further old or new business, the meeting was adjourned.

Dana Ingalls, Secretary

Jan 10, 2015 - WSDA General Meeting, Gillette, WY

Jan 6, 2015- WSDA Board Meeting, Casper WY

Dec 13, 2014 WSDA Club Meeting, Gillette, WY